As socioON mission is to provide you the best social media with business platform to make you strong financial. So, Let’s discuss a scenario of making money online rapidly at socioON Technology for Human Development (THD).

We all know that socioON is paying money against all the activities performed at the portal, but here we are going to discuss in details about earning money on some of the actions with clicks and without clicks.

One Post per Month Income without Any Click at socioON

After Signup at socioON you will have the following 5 timelines at your account. These are
1. Social
2. Business
3. Pages
4. Group
5. Opinion
If you create one post daily at each of the above five timelines then after 30 days you will have
Total No. of Posts after 30 Days = No. of Posts at Timelines * Total Days = 5 * 30
Total No. of Posts after 30 Days = 150
Now let’s calculate the income of 5 posts on monthly basis
Total Income (on 5 Posts P/M) = Total No. of Posts in 30 Days * Total income Per Post (P/M) = 150 * 0.16$
Total Income (on 5 Posts P/M) = 24$ (P/M)
Daily Four Hour Working Plan to earn money at socioON

There is another interesting fact about socioON (Technology for Human Development) is that it allows 14 clicks per minute so let’s calculate the 4 hours working plan:
Total clicks allowed per minute = 14
Total minutes in one hour = 60 minutes
Total clicks in one hour = Total Minutes in one hour* Total clicks allowed per minute = 60 * 14 = 840 Clicks
Total clicks in four hour = 840 * 4 = 3360 Clicks
Total Earning in four hours = Total clicks in four hour * Income per Click (IPC) (Like, Share, Comment) = 3360 * 0.00075
Total Earning in four hours 2.52 USD

Now, Total income (30 days) = 2.52 *30 = 75.6 $
Total income with click = 75.6 $
Now the Total income (in 30 days) = Income with Clicks + Income without Clicks
= 75.6 $ + 24 $
Now the Total income in (30 days) = 99.6 $
So, the First Month income is = 99.6$
So let’s make another table to fully understand about making money at socioON. (for making five posts on regular basis)

Month Wise Earning At SocioON with Clicks and Without Clicks

Now according with the rules and policy of the socioON technology for Human Development (THD), the earned money/income is divided into two category:

(a) Spendable

(b) Withdrawable

So, [Total Earning in one year (with click + without click)]/2 = 2779.2/2 = 1389.5$

Now your balance will be:

(a) Spendable = 1389.56$

(b) Withdrawable = 1389.56$

So after one year a user earns almost 2780$ with clicks and without clicks at and upon which 1390$ are withdrawable and 1390$ are spendable

Red hearted post someone can feed and you can earn more and more

Now you must be astonished at incomeoON dividable income policy; but don’t worry  all the above calculated income is yours. Withdrawable income can be withdrawn and you can use it for your various needs and the spendable income will be a great investment for you to invest at socioON in various ways. By doing so you will be in a better position to earn money at socioON more and more.

Extra Benefits”

  1. Your posts must be shared again and again to receive the above feed reward.
  2. Add more and more friends (Friends Limit is 10,000) to receive more and more likes, comments, shares, Great Jobs, Post Feeds
  3. like page and shops and by joining a group, political party .
  4. click ads and get ads reward.
  5. share your referral links to other social media and get more reward.
  6. share all posts other social media and ask to join socioON and get 0.001$ per each joining.
  7. share all your and yours friends posts and get extra benefits.

iON Android Messenger App Link download

iON Android Messenger App Link download