Get Unlimited Public Posts by Giving Unlimited Feeds at SocioON


Users avoid giving Feeds to others posts even the posts they have self-created and posted at SocioON. The problem is that a promoted post becomes Red with Heart very fast because verified users earn through that promoted post. Posts with Red Heart means the post has no Revenue in it. So, you or others cannot earn from that post.

The Red Hear Posts is demanding Feed so that it should be highlighted as Green Heart. Because you only earn from the Green posts. Unless the posts don’t go green nobody can earn.

There are many other benefits of giving Feeds to yours and others Red Heart or Green Heart posts:

One of the major benefits is that you become an equal partner of the post owner. Whatever revenue a post contains all the Feeders become the shareholder in that Revenue. If the post is empty from Revenue, how can anybody earn through such post?

This is why, SocioON has decided a new policy regarding giving a Feed:

It’s simple when you’ll give one Feed to your friends and family or anyone else’s public post, even it is Green or Red, you’ll be able to create one Public post.


Everybody wants to earn from Green Hearts posts but nobody is going to Give Feeds to Red Heart posts.

Now, for every user, before creating and making a post public or promoted, you have to first give one Feed to anyone else’s post you like the most (your own choice), then you’ll be allowed to make your post public and available to the one million users.

Doing so, everybody will have a lot of Green Hearts posts available to earn.

There will be a lot of promotions that can be more beneficial for the Feeders.

Revised Rates for Public Post and Feed

With the revised policy regarding “Get Unlimited Public Posts by Giving Unlimited Feeds” SocioON, Technology for Human Development has also revised the budget for public/promoted posts and for Feed too:

The public or promoted posts rates are also revised, these are:

Prior, the budget for creating a post public or promoted was $0.4 but now, the budget for creating a post public or promoted is $0.8

Prior, the budget for giving a Feed to a public post was $0.4 but now, the budget for giving a Feed to a public post is $0.2

So how many Feeds can you give?

If the answer is unlimited?

Then you can make unlimited public posts and flourish your SocioON profile with maximum products/posts.

There will be the greater chance of earning for you because as much as your posts will be, the more and more revenue you will generate.

So, hurry up! and act upon the policy of “Get Unlimited Public Posts by Giving Unlimited Feeds at SocioON”. don’t be shy giving Feeds, because doing so, you’ll lose the chances of getting public posts.

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